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Complete System Integration and Maintenance

Integrating your systems provides you better performance, monitoring, and budget savings. JCD Engineering Inc. in Catano, Puerto Rico, provides complete solutions for system integration.

Systems Overview

We have some of the best automatic air conditioning mechanics in the field. Our experts integrate your systems to provide real-time monitoring of:

• Critical Fluid Levels • Power Consumption • Power Generators

• Water Tanks

Automated Alarms

Set the tolerances of any of your monitored systems to notify you or your staff automatically in the event of tolerance breach. This is available on any equipment you want monitor, or graph to receive alarms via email as well as access via Smartphones.

Facilities Maintenance

Once we have your systems integrated, the management of your facilities is greatly simplified. Our maintenance service ensures your equipment is functioning at full optimization in order to minimize your energy consumption.

System Optimization

JCD Engineering, Inc. offers an excellent service that promotes company growth while strengthening joint participation in operations. Ensure your systems are functioning at their best with technical support to meet your priorities and requirements. We also offer total refurbishment of equipment.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss integrating your systems.